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Reviews for "Dead Space Two"


i also beat dead space 2 on hardcore mode but i died like 9000 times and had 3 saves


the best part was "knock it off Nicole this really hurts" just because of that you get a 10

If you didm then well done good sirs!

Well made and true (about the unarmed guards that is)(and Daina)

I did find it kinda of funny when the 100 armed guards just let you walk around the base... and turn off the power. Yeah, let's let a potentially insane Engineer run around the place, while thousands of Necromorphs converge on our position. :P

Spot on!

That my friend. IS dead space 2 in A nut shell XD

However only thing needid is a bit of tweeking with the animations. Over all. love it. though... if i remember correctly didn't issac have a gun when he got to that part? I think he did, it's just that they grabbed him. I need to play it again. It's still freakin accurate XD

How fast I don't tap A he always kills me.