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Reviews for "Gist of the North Star 2"


nobody ever does parodies of shin hokuto no ken!!
loved when kenshiro high kicks a plane XD
please continue the series ^_^

P.s. for any who didn't, watch after credits ;)

Great flash film!

This had a bit more plot than Gist of the Northstar 1. The fighting was spectacular the humor was witty and a bit topped notched and the sound effects were alright as well. Hopefully you have some interests on making future Gist of the North Star titles. You rarely see any Fist of the North Star parodies here, Most of the time its Mario, Sonic, Link, ect. But no FOTNS parodies! I'm bestowing you a perfect score a 10/10 and a 5/5. I hope you've enjoyed this review and I hope you have a grand day.


best use of bat and lynn ever


as a north star fan all i can say i wow make more pls!!! : )

Troll of the north star. Funny animation.