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Reviews for "Gist of the North Star 2"


nobody ever does parodies of shin hokuto no ken!!
loved when kenshiro high kicks a plane XD
please continue the series ^_^

P.s. for any who didn't, watch after credits ;)

That was fucking hilarious man!

There aren't enough Fist of the North Star/Hokuto no Ken flash on this site; especially when compared with the innumerable ammount of DBZ/Mario/Sonic/Zelda flash. With that out of the way...

Visuals: It may not have the best animation, but I like the clever usage of tweening and Frame-by-frame that was used for this flash. However, there were times where the segments were off-center, and Kenshiro's frontal walk cycle could have been two segments per leg rather than one.
Audio: Nice use of the original version's BGM, and I appreciate that you had the balls to use Mike Egan's music from the Manga Entertainment dub. However, the voice acting was lackluster and I would recommend finding some fitting voices for the characters.
Content: Fist of the North Star is my all time favorite anime, and you did a great job at spoofing it. I mean those sight gags were superbly done, and the dialogue adds to it. Plus, the subject in question is underused which gives you guys some leeway in terms of creativity.

What I liked about this:
-Underused subject
-Good art and mostly good animation
-Nice music selection
-Funny as hell

What I didn't like:
-Weak voice acting
-Some of the segments look disjointed at times

Overall: Here's a nice nine for making me laugh.

"you have three seconds"

lololol great parody man. but bat sucking on Ken's nipple in the first scene was :O

Pretty freakin' cool

The characters were ugly, but I liked the humor, but the fight scene was great.

And I couldn't stop laughing at the last scene.

You are already dead

Great parody on Ken. Totally worth watching just to see a man fly into the sky and puch a jumbo jet in half.