Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

Nicely work

still hope there can be an inprove

Under Rated.

This game is awesome, it doesn't deserve a rating under 4.

Anyways, the stuff that i like from this game are:

1_ You can combine the stuff you learn with your basic moves and your gun to make combos.

2_ Graphics

3_You can even make combos in the air! :D

The stuff that i don't like are:

1_GUN IS TOO WEAK! You can't kill anyone with the gun.

2_It takes a while to kill the enemies,and bosses are kinda impossible.

Anyways, this game is amazing, you just have to change some little things and it will be perfect.


This game is very similar on Streets of Rage and it to me is pleasant to these

Reminds me of Double Dragon!

It has a fair difficulty, great graphics, great control, great music, and makes me feel like I'm playing Double Dragon.

Great game. I had already played some time ago, but I'm still stuck against the giant robot-thing, even if I have bought a lot of upgrades. Is there something special to do or is it just ultra-hard?