Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

Fun while it lasted

The game was overall really fun, I enjoyed pulling off combos that I never unlocked and just achieved by button mashing J and K. The main problem with this I think is too much going on at once. I mean, you got the special moves that cost energy you never knew about, the combos that you never memorized, the bosses that can literally take off half of your health in one hit and you cant do jack about it. The progression was entertaining and addictive, don't get me wrong. However its the same kind of fight, with different-looking enemies each, and it simply way too boring to spam JK as you watch the enemies stand back up again... and again... and again... Oh, last thing, is the "gun". If they proceed to make a super hi-tech cyborg super solider, wouldn't they at least attach something more powerful than a pea shooter? Frankly, that thing is only good for getting combos Xs.

Awesome and all but...

like the guy below me said...the bosses are way too anoying...


It needs more tweaking! the concept was interesting, the game was fun but as others might have said it lacks in technical difficulties.

Not bad.

Straight crunched this for like 7 hours. Game mechanics need quite a bit of work still but overall nicely done.

game is fun

but its unfair in so many lvls, its beatable but to frustrating.

and not the good kind, the kind that keeps you mad enough to want to win.

the boss fights.. the bosses are hard enough because they take a shit load of HP with 1 skill, but the normal guys, won't let you atk. i can't count how many times i died because i got a knife in the back of the head and the boss just finished me.

the fact that they get up and immediately start to combo, thats just wrong, i guess you were trying to make it hard to Spam, but if its that you want, don't make the guys do so much damage. one time, i got lost an entire hp bar with 1 combo from the guys:
no one there, a big guy comes and charges me, wille i'm on the air i got shot by the robots and landed on a land mine. dead. just like that.

you wanted to make a great game so much that you made a Silver surfer (nes) kind of game, to annoying and frustrating to keep us hooked