Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

Awesome fighting game but...

is it possible to kill the last boss?

robot boss

well if anyone wants to know my idea of how to kill him a good sugestion is power up and get lots of points then during the battle use the revive chain and a few healing potions during the battle and you should be golde just use your lvl 4 blade allot


U need to b able to have an attack where u can hit win getting off the ground cuz enemies jus surround me n the rolling dosent help cuz they hit me right after or i roll into a dead end also is their a way to counter those huge guys sense they can counter me n even a hard attack cant stop thier two hand smash


dont get me wrong its a great game but im just not that into fighting games

Fun game

This game entry is Loaded with delightfull stuff, and i was glad to have tried some things out, There is not much Lackluster stuff about this entry, Maybe Eliminating some stuff here and there, but you have Engineered something pretty nifty, I would like to congradulate you on winning some awards on this, so the effort is shown, The size was abit much, but it did seem well worth it when it was all done and said. The game is real intense i can see why it won an award and is so popular, you really pushed thelimits on this, and this whole game was pretty fun it kinda reminded me of an old arcade game i use o play as a kid, but anywaysgood game nice graphics nice effects and an all around great game, the medals were a nice addition aswell. Raising the bar on flash quality and good effort is not allways easy, but you seemed to to have, raised the bar here. so keep up that drive.

The game is indeed a bit rough around the edges, but you can allways clean it up, here or there and by taking some extra steps to polish it up, i do have some tips and tricks that could make this run better, something for you to think about and try. Would love to see a more better navigation system like when updating stuff and all, but for the mostpart this was pretty good and pretty intense of a game.