Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"


This might just be me, but is the fat boss supposed to be impossible to beat? I mean, I understand the trick. He starts panting, heavy attack, he falls down and is ready to be pummeled on for a few hits. But seriously, this is IMPOSSIBLE to do with the other thugs constantly respawning. Then, between them and the boss, I really couldn't do it.

Enemies are way too strong and, in a game where combo is encouraged, you knock enemies down way to easily, so your combo ends at 5. Your grammar could use a little work. Plus, try and incorporate some way to progress the text during cut scenes.

But despite these minor flaws, I still thought the game was exceptional. It was fun and I liked the ability to switch between fist/blade and your gun. Good game play, good graphics, great customization. Overall, excellent game.

Great game!

There are references to Full Metal Alchemist - in a sense. The game has good tracks, good gameplay, graphics are not too bad plus a good shop (even tho its hard at the start). The bosses are abit too powered - Maybe making them weaker is an option.


Its good, in fact, its fantastic, but it died when i bought those 2 skills where you have to press 3 buttons to use them. it just couldnt have been done! damn pc doesnt register when you press 3 buttons at a time.. anyone else had this kind of problem?


i remember seeing an anime like thing just like this still a 8 for the old snes like feeling tho

Why the Arm of Revenge is so slow ? guys, after you change to here.