Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

A little error

You called hard mode the easy one. If last bosses go on "enrage" and kill you in a few hits on easy mode i dont wanna see what the hell they do on harder modes.


very very nice game!!


This is a 10/10 game, but medals doesn't work on me, I don't know why :(...

Make a sequel : D!


When you beat more than one stage in a row, when you exit (or try to), the picture that you entered before comes up instead. There's no way to exit the game, even if you click the picture. Only refresh or so will do. Why the heck?

Great Game!

It's a good thing I can log in using my mochi account, but if those who complain about the other upgrades needed mochi coins, I'm sure it's not that expensive to buy some coins.

I also don't have mochi coins XD but I'm sure its cheap

Really Great Game ^,^

Hoping for a sequel ^.^ but with more usable characters, just suggesting XD