Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

Great game

Can you like improve the cut seane a bit faster.


dude you're epic
i have nothing so say anymore


This is great game ever.i love this game


seems a little familiar with edward elric in fullmetal alchemist

Best beat'em flash game I evah played, PERIOD!

I´m totally into this one. Best plataform/fighting game made in flash EVER Combines the best elements of my favorite games.

I would really dare to put this one side by side with megaman series (It only need a better plot and MOAR EPISODES!)

Difficulty is OK! I´m glad it´s hard in the begining because it really demands you to learn and think! Also I love how you didin't use the "just change the colors" trick for making new enemies - I mean, you did recycle the sprites but aways changing something to add personality to the enemies. The art is perfect and the gameplay also. I loved the cyberpunk atmosfere too.

Think about this when developing the sequel (THIS GAME NEEDS ONE!):

Better story development - I found the plot too shallow, and the bosses seem to have more personality than the main character.

Last boss is too easy... the mega robot ended being the hardest to beat without using powerups.

I´m sad cuz i can´t execute the super rising dragon...

The only real glitch I've detected is that sometimes you don´t have the "back" button on the map screen.

I didnt understand the blade mechanism... does it matter wich one you buy?

Would like too see the classic motorcicle shotting stage and the classic antagonist

If I change to blade arm, then to gun arm, I can´t go back to normal with one change (must change back to blade and then to normal arm).

Grapple/Trows are missing (must be horrible implement, i know).

When I fill an energy storage I should be able to drain it back to my energy bar (sometimes I have 4 full energy slots and just can´t sprint because my bar is empty).

It´s cool too see npc suport but it´s really useless compared to beserk mode and the GODDAM FUCKING COOL SET OF SKILLS YOU´VE MADE!

ALSO, WTF are the three itens below the score/xp??? It´s killing me (REALLY, WHAT ARE THOSE?)

That's all I can think for now, cheers people you have my respect.
This is a masterpiece, please make a sequel!

Keep on the good work, now let me beat some bad guys! Air combos whoa!!!