Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

fighting games are awesome. DO YOU GUYS AREE OR YOU DON'T

Pretty much Maxed out this game in everything except the 300 round survival which shouldn't be too hard if you invest a bit on the infinite SP thing from mochi. You can use Specials as much as you want. Other than that It's an outstanding game took be about 2 days to get everything in it. Though be warned for those aiming for the medals, they really don't work. Here's the list of all the medals that won't unlock. 1.All-Star 2. 3-star combo 4. 5-star combo 5. King and Steal terminator (There are one in the same, here's the deal though. Once you get to the last level in Expert there's no boss at all the game does not freeze or anything there's just nothing there at the end.) So before anyone tries to attempt Expert and wants to get that medal. Don't your gonna be wasting time on it. I have no idea why it's like that or why the other medals won't unlock but all I can say it's good and it's worth a try to play.

This is a Epic game

Fuck THe Medals men, in the ass!
its is a really good game, to waste a good amount of time =)
Really like it...