Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

Theres A "But

first of all like the other people who played this, it has good graphics and systems in the games that are unique, but there is one flaw that got me annoyed, the bosses difficulty that is, like they say and i have experienced playing, the common enemies are a joke, but when you get to the boss its likes like on EXPERT or HARD mode even though its on easy mode(in which i first tried).
anyway its still a great game, just hope the difficulty is changed and fix

Really fun game.

I love the combo system. Works really smoothly. Somewhat hard even on normal but that's not necessarily a bad thing at all!
Text was way way too slow. I didn't want to skip but I just couldn't hang around for it. Maybe put "Next" button?
Possibly add extra rewards for better combos etc.

Great game

just make them move a little faster and give them more experince when u get expert combo

Great Graphics,combos and ideas, but flawful

This game has obvious strengths like a very good art style, a very cool upgrade system with a very nice idea of having multiple arms to choose from and most of the skills are pretty good.
The combo system starts out simple and gets progressively more difficult to handle as you buy more combos,which is the way it should be.
The normal enemys are OK,they are not too powerful,but you cant just be tapping one button to defeat them,especially in the later stages.
Its unusual for a fighting game like this to have much of a story,but I think the story of this game is actually pretty neat in comparison to some other fighting games.

But now to the flaws of the game:
Now first off: there are no real gamebreaking flaws except for one major flaw that some other guys allready pointed out: The difficulty on the bosses is just ridiculous! I got to the first boss with my health never dropping below 80%,but the boss killed me several times until I found a good way to take him down.... on easy mode.....
Of course bosses should be a challenge,but when the rest of the game is a joke and suddenly you get your behind kicked without even taking off 10% of the boss' health,then something is wrong O.o
Now for some other flaws: As the others pointed out,some sound effects where irritating/annoying,also you could have warned us that the blade arm is an upgrade you constantly have to rebuy. When I first bought it I didnt know what was going on until I lost it.
also,sometimes the controlls seem rather unresponsive and I find myself jumping/rolling around trying to get myself in a comfortable spot,WHILE facing my enemy,because I keep standing next to them,attacking the wrong direction,because I couldnt turn around while jumping over them

All in all:
Very solid game with great graphics and variety, but some flaws that hold it back so much that I myself was unable to beat it

Awesome and all but...

like the guy below me said...the bosses are way too anoying...