Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

Awesome fighting game but...

is it possible to kill the last boss?

This game is sick

Pros and Cons
-smooth gameplay
-easy controls, also lets you choose which is easier for you
-Full Metal Slug meets Street fighter
-allows a good challenge
-Upgrade usage
-save game usage
-plenty of upgrades

-......None that i could really think of or see

My Review
-One of the best games I've played on Newgrounds, I am a sucker for righting games, and this one definetally hits the right mark. Adding the Full Metal Slug style gameplay with the fighting style(s) more or less of a street fighter esq type. it got alittle slow at points but that was probably my lap top. Great Game, Great Job, Very addictive.

Definitely one of the finer brawlers on NG

I can't help but to sigh in annoyance when I see people complain about the speed of combat and requirements for new abilities. The combat is only slow if you choose it to be. Once you get the ability to attack enemies while they're knocked down, it's as easy as pressing down+punch>heavy attack to lift them right back up for an air combo. From there on combos are only limited to your character's abilities and imagination. I can't stand to see complaints that are rooted in player error. As for the requirements for new moves, I found no problem with it. The fact that the bosses are difficult gives you a chance to improve on your strategy and acquire upgrades if necessary-- would easier bosses be nice? Sure I guess, but once you've retried a few times and actually understand that the key is timing your guarding (Or better, Just Guarding if you too manage to master the timing) incoming attacks and counter with your own. As far as flash brawlers go, this is easily the best I've played. Endless combo fun that still allows for a bit of thinking besides button mashing, this is what a brawler should be, people. Minor complaints over sound or manageable difficulty don't make a game garbage. Especially surrounding the later, it's nothing more than a matter of learning the game instead of getting frustrated with your own lack of ability to adapt.

You can see the hip hop....

In the light attacks, JAY Z, RESPECT, YO!


This is the best games I've ever play