Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"


Grafiks is about 10/10, but the game is realy hard! like Gigawatt01 said if your timing isn't perfekt the normal waves from lvl 6 are easily able to kill you. a game on easy mode should be easy to play and not that i have to play a lvl several times beacuse i need more xp to have mre specials or like that. and the normal guys while an encounter are realy annoing.

This is OK

- Artwork is good.
- Game engine is mostly good, except it lags at the big robot boss
- I like how it incorporates fighting game references, such as Just Defense (Garou MOTW), and how the guy with the trenchcoat has Iori's qcb+p combo.

- MochiCoins
- Too much grinding. Not surprising because the game wants to create an incentive for you to purchase items. Not me though, I never purchase from Mochigames.
- Overall, bosses are too hard. Beating bosses is too dependent on buying green healing items during the fight.
- Although the combo system is good, the game lacks the feel of a fighting game because the character is clumsy. For example, in the middle of a combo chain, the big enemies can break out of hit-stun and hit you. Also, most of your moves are slow, and the special moves don't do enough damage compared to regular moves.
- In general, the character is way too weak, especially his gun, which seems pretty stupid to me. Also, you should start with a move that can hit enemies on the ground, and not have to buy it.
- Character's voice is a bit annoying, especially if you keep pressing the hard attack.

- Always play on easy. Don't start the game on normal, or it would take way too much time.
- Buy green heals during boss fights to beat bosses.
- The block command is very useful early on.

No, it needs work

It may be a pretty fun game, but the difficulty curve is insane. That and you should have a look at how you set up the buttons. I want to see somebody easily perform those special moves while playing this game, and I only say easily because when you're playing a game like this, you're focused. You can't afford to hit g if your special is h at the wrong time if you're timing it just right, so why do I have to play twister with my fingers to see a 3 second combo sequence when I could press jkl or something easier. Negative points aside, this game makes a great time waster, but not something I can really get into. Good job, anyway!


Its good, in fact, its fantastic, but it died when i bought those 2 skills where you have to press 3 buttons to use them. it just couldnt have been done! damn pc doesnt register when you press 3 buttons at a time.. anyone else had this kind of problem?


Great graphics, great gameplay, great time-waster.
The difficulty is a little off, making it approachable on easy mode only, but that's a common feature in many games you cite as inspiration (Devil May Cry, for instance) and I'm sure there are hardcore gamers out there able to play harder difficulties.
The fact I couldn't buy certain upgrades without beating the game on hard was very frustrating.
Also, while expanding the energy bar is certainly useful, it makes it progressively harder to obtain a berserk charge; you should have put a threshold somewhere on the bar to make a berserk available after the energy goes past that mark.