Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"


It needs more tweaking! the concept was interesting, the game was fun but as others might have said it lacks in technical difficulties.

good idea bad game

could be great

Great idea, terrible execution

The game itself is amazing. Mechanics work almost flawlessly, graphics are great, and sound works for the game. However, here are the flaws:
1) Combos: The whole idea of a combo is to stun the enemy so you can keep hitting them. Past level three, however, I had enemies breaking out of the combo-stun and hitting me back, ruining my combo streak
2) Upgrade system: Too freaking slow. The prices for upgrades make it so that you have to play 2 or 3 days in a row in order to unlock all the "free" upgrades. Also, the upgrades you need to beat hard mode for were just ridiculous. Easy mode was a pain to beat, I can't even imagine what hard would be. Which brings me to the next criticism:
3) Difficulty: The bosses weren't too bad until I got to the giant robot. It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to beat him without buying the green health boosters. However, the last boss was the last straw. He was almost pathetically easy to beat in the first stage, and when he rages he's able to take 3/4 of your almost fully upgraded life bar away with one attack. Seriously? Doesn't even give you time to go to the store and buy your green goo.

Overall, this game needs more work. It's not fun if you have to be an expert gamer in order to beat the game. I enjoy the challenge, I'm from the 80s generation of gamers, but this game takes me back to the unbeatable era of gaming

Under Rated.

This game is awesome, it doesn't deserve a rating under 4.

Anyways, the stuff that i like from this game are:

1_ You can combine the stuff you learn with your basic moves and your gun to make combos.

2_ Graphics

3_You can even make combos in the air! :D

The stuff that i don't like are:

1_GUN IS TOO WEAK! You can't kill anyone with the gun.

2_It takes a while to kill the enemies,and bosses are kinda impossible.

Anyways, this game is amazing, you just have to change some little things and it will be perfect.

Great Idea, poor execution

I played it to teh last boss... or at least the first boss with a second 'form' and I can honestly say that all the enemies and combo's I can do to them is inensly fun. However many parts in the game, bosses specificly, I can't help but feel like they're bugged... the 'last boss' being a particular one since no attack I do seems to stop his combos in second form, his attacks take off chunks of my health, and he never ever ever stops moving. The 'bugs' where enemies decide no they aren't gonna get hit or they wanna hit you more then get knocked flying back by your strongest attack kinda makes the game more interesting but with the spamming block and attack bots the game ends up as I suppose most fighting games do: Cheapest attack wins.

Tho i would have bought this over Magicka >_> 8 stars cus of bugs in those cyborg bots and spammers..

*Votes 5 anyways*