Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

Intresting fighting system

The thing that is unique in this game is that you can own the weak guys and then when a boss comes , you completly underestimate him and he just kills you in like 5 hits

Such an Great Fighting Game.

It is not the best fighting game i've ever seen, but the game is very much fun.
The Dificulty is balanced, the Items and the skills were impressing, the story was good. 10/10 for this game.


Revenge.....it better than therapy

On the fence

I can't really say this game is great or terrible. The nostalgic arcade style fighting is wonderfully made, the controls (aside from the block button) are well placed and the combos are very intricate. However this game also has several flaws; the difficulty curve is a bit too intense for the amount of exp you get per enemy, I had to back track through the levels several times to get a decent set of moves and health under my belt. Not to mention that some of the enemy pairings are ridiculously broken, the flying gun robot + the lion + the gunman is so broken because it's nearly impossible to attack more than twice before getting shot and pounced on.

Overall this game is all right, the gameplay was fun, although a bit too challenging at times.

A very fun game.

I greatly enjoy this game. It's fun and has a nice storyline. The only real problem i have with it is, like some others have said, is the bigger guys. They interrupt any of my attacks with that two-handed smash thing. Like DP said, you should have a ground attack, I know there's the Air Recovery technique, but i keep forgetting i have it, and there's such a small window in which you can use it. Despite these little gripes, i still love this game.
-Sincerely yours