Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

Lots of fun, but some glitches

Really fun brawler, took some grinding before you could get really get into it but fun none the less. Theres definetly a number of glitches though, for instance many of the medals don't work and the game will occasionally freeze if you quit a stage. Nothing major to deter me from just refreshing the page, but still somewhat annoying. Overall great job!

Fun, to a point...

One thing, grind grind Grind Grind GRIND!!! Yea, this pretty much sums it up. Max out your HP! Maxing your MP is both good and bad... good that you have more mp, bad that it takes longer to reach reserves. Max the number of reserves you can get. Max the number of ground hits you can do and learn Fury Punch & Turn Kick, you won't regret, they will save your life! again... GRIND GRIND GRIND GRIND GRIND!!!

The fatblob guy is tough at first, but he's nothing compared to TX3000 ... I hate that robot, I wasted so many exp to boost my health back because it goes unphased even when hit in rage mode... not to mention, it powers up a bit around 1/2 HP remaining. This bot is just to prepare you for Bloody Fox ... the guy is tough when he's just regular, but as soon as you beat him... he POWERS UP!!! Becoming 2x-3x faster and definitely more damaging. This is all while on EASY ... AND YOU CAN'T EXPECT TO KEEP GETTING POTIONS BECAUSE THEY INCREASE IN EXP COST EACH TIME YOU GET THEM!

I'll take a look and hope that Tips & Tricks gives me some really good ideas... but I don't see it happening. Block, get hit til the block breaks, block again, (rage mode) Bloody Fox warps behind you & slashes you to death... on Easy. >.<

P.S. I hate having to buy the Arm Blade again and again each time I close outta the game. AND the worst about the skills the learn, is that they don't say if they will use up MP ... I hate that!

Totally awesome and addicting!

I need a sequel!

Amazing game.

Firstly, Orgin. Try buying a blade arm and punching him with a heavy punch in the head and making him sit, then keep on attacking.
To the reveiw. This is a compleatly amazing game. The graphics are good and remind me of some old Street Fighter games and even Metal Slug games.
The controls are unique, very hard to learn at first. But once you get used to them, the game is awesome.
Good background music. Some parts can be hard, but you just need to become stronger or find ways to kill easier or whatnot.
This is the type of Flash that actually be a ONLINE GAME.
Co-Op would be good to later on.
I can't think of more to say. :p


Fatass boss is way too powerful and has too much health. It's fun until that part, then it sucks hard.