Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"


would be 10/10 if you could replay levels to gain more xp

"Fat Bob"

For anyone wondering how to kill Fat Bob, one strategy is to buy the blade arm at lvl 4, and the will necklace. In the level he's in, try to knock him down, and repedeately attack him. Beware, though, as he can attack you unexpectedly. In this case, stop attacking and block. Also: Funnaut, if you ever make a sequel, try making the bosses slightly easier to kill.

A nice and addictive game with minor flaws.

PROS: Pleasant sprites; top-notch combo system; good amount of upgrades; free of charge.
CONS: Mediocre boss design; controls could be slightly tighter.
OVERALL: A must-play experience for fans.

Reminds me of Double Dragon!

It has a fair difficulty, great graphics, great control, great music, and makes me feel like I'm playing Double Dragon.


due to the amazing artwork i was able to see through the extremely difficult levels. but if you don't get satisfaction of a game, it is just not worth it! i mean, this kind of games are made to really go all-out on your keyboard and mash those buttons, but those bosses use too much special moves at a time and they never seem to run out of energy, little bit strange don't you think?

try making the bosses a little bit easier next time, cause this kind of difficulty will discourage people from ever playing it!

i'm out, peace!