Reviews for "Drake And The Wizards"

Nice Game but...

i really find this game very well made nice backgrounds, a good movement and well a nice music (but its a bit repetitive sometimes). but that its ok since the game its a game you going to really enjoy.

I give you 9 because sometimes for example in Eldrim Forest: stage 3 when i try to get the Dragon coin i know i should Fly to get it but the space between the fall and the speed of the fall Cost me 1 life.

but well maybe its my fault and i dont think someone would have that problem. but when i try to get the coin again "a sound bug" happened. i try to get the coin so i jump and fly in time to reach the exact height of the platform but i missed and i was flying near of the edge of the wall of the platform. in some way "i got stuck" flying and the sound of flying keep playing and playing and dont stop even if i finished the level its still hearing the flying sound. also i tried to turn off sound and dont work with this. so right now when i "write" this review its still sounding that "flap" :P. i dont know how to reproduce the bug i just jump try to fly but got stuck near of the platform wall (near of the edge) and i dont know how to record videos :( so i cant try it to do it.

Otherwise the game its really nice Also consider to do the flame attact a bit larger because really sometimes its hard to hit the enemy.

nice job! keep doing good works like this one.

lartar responds:

I will check for the bug you reported, and i will fixed in the following days. Thank you for your report. About the flame, you can get upgrades after a few levels. In the wolrd 2 you get a first fire upgrade.

(speechless, cool but lame!)

(speechless, cool but lame!)

awesome but its a slowpoke

sorry but the game is too slow ! it keeps not following my commands ! plz fix this slow uncontrollable game ! which is - 2 points for that . so you would get a 10 but the bug makes you get 8 instead .

lartar responds:

We are taking all the suggestions for our next game. We are going to make all our features games with customizables controls. =) Take care


good game controls take some time to get used to, extra languages are very good

when you get past the castle area,(i guess it's a mario hommage) you get stuck at an area (grassy with 2 seperate blocks grass in the floor) i honestly have no idea how to get past it.

Dragons Fire and Flight ~ Interesting.

Don't know what people are about stiff controls, I feel the controls are alright, have no problem with them. Find that the game is pretty easy though. However I got pretty annoyed with the music in Eldrim Woods, just got to the shores and thank god the music changed. Giving an 8 because of music, and that some levels are a little too long when they are just the same thing over and over again, so -2 points, but other than that awesome game, Nice art. Funny Character walk.