Reviews for "Pactime"


Not as good as the original but its defentily origanal. The music gets annoying after a while. Pretty good game.

never never never.

On the nintendo pacman, no one can never beat my score!

creative, i gotta say that much

it's an awesome idea. unlike others, i actually dont find it that boring. however, i do feel like more could've been done to make it more entertaining. even something as simple as more music.

Hard, hard, and tougher than regular pacman

What's the secret medal?!?!
Must, get, all, medals.
Whatever, the game is slow and it's tough, and for the 10 min one does that mean one game or what?

fun pacman like game

Here was a pretty nifty game, It has a style that was differant and was pretty fantastic with everything that was showed and such aswell as everything you can do inter-activily, I really got hooked on this for everything you brought to the flash, You see alot of games on here and once in awhile you get someting differant and unique like your game, and thats what i liked and enjoyed about it, This one is pretty interesting and has some good visuals that really get you into it so for me this is a great flash here. Lol ok this was a differant kind of pac-man then i am use too playing but i was getting the hang of it, its a pretty fun game though and its hard at first, you did push along some nice effects and some nice sounds aswell, bringing fourth some good gameplay, the "MUSIC" alone is pretty good i thought, so after playing it a few times it was kind of fun, kinda gets frustraiting because hard to guide that arow circle but it was a pretty good game, This was A really decent and fun Submission, allthough it did lack some stuff, it could still be better, So i have mentioned some ideas and even basic stuff that other games use so these ideas can be used or not but they will help to improve on things, you have something decent here and the effort shows but could still use a few more additions of stuff and so on, but with all that said good game here. Good job on winning some awards for this, it was worth the time i can see and there was some good effort put so again some decent awards were recieved so good job on that part of the site.

You have a good game here, it was interesting and i really had some fun with this game it was pretty interesting and had some very good replay value to this flash, so good job there could be some things to improve on, and i may suggest a few ideas here in short, Hmmm not sure were to start most of the game was pretty good, i can see you implementing a larger screen somehow, maybe some more stuff to do within the game would be fun aswell.