Reviews for "Pactime"


this is a preatty good game I guess.The music is preatty good and you have got to tell me where you got this music.

pretty cool

this is a really neat game! you took and original game and turned it into something 5 times more modern! i give credit to the audio, too

never never never.

On the nintendo pacman, no one can never beat my score!

Fun & Tricky

This was an awesome game you made here based on the Pac-Man game,i loved the new twist where you could guide Pac-Man with the keyboard or mouse to the path via the power pellets while avoiding ghosts,the tricky part is knowing what path to take and how to curve it just right it really does take a lot of anticipation with trial & error before you get the hang over it,overall i enjoyed this game very much and think you did a great job. :D

A Genius Reinvention

Only on Newgrounds can you find delightful remakes of classic games, and Pactime is one of them: it gives you the opportunity to make your own path with pellets to dodge ghosts and eat fruit instead of moving in the confines of an arbitrary maze with a bad joystick.