Reviews for "Unwanted Visitors A"

Yo, Bane Below Me

Not everyone is as good an artist as everyone else on this site expects them to be... But... They are good animators. Evan if they have to use sticks or sprites or evan (Yes i'm about to say it) Madness carictors, it dosn't matter. Its still better than most the sh!t people try to draw and get on here. To all the spriters and stickmen, I salute you.


This was well done and I have to ask, why animate sticks when this would be so much cooler if you had done something original. Oh well... another mark on the wall I guess


the animation was great, but the song was really gay. kinda took away from it a bit


this's epic!what's that song called u played though?


Some of the animation was lacking, but it was still a pretty gripping animation altogether. (Atryeu has little to do with aliens o_o)
Nice last scene btw.