Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"

Good game play, but...

you did a great job on the game. the only thing i would suggest and this is the reason for 5/10 is that you need to include a walkthrough or some sort of instruction on hopw to kill each of the bosses. i spent literally an hour trying to beet lvl 2. it pissed me off and i wont be playing this game again untill this error is fixed. im sorry.

andvari3d responds:

there IS A WALKTROUGHT !, on the bottom part of the scren you can see that the "H" key opens the Game guide.

great graphics and thats it!

the gfx are really great espeially light and shadow! but the game is way to hard, upgrading takes too long, no healing system.

looks nice

game looks very nice... hate that i can"t play with arrow keys to move my character...

iv got azerty... and no i won't configure my keyboard to qwerty...


the same as any other zomibe wasd movement shooter. sorry just tellin it how it is


This game in starting there is no boss and when you press the space the hero will gone what kind of game was this please make this better that all you know...


andvari3d responds: