Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"

Could have been so much more

The game is fun enough to hold someone for a lil while, but this could have been one of the best games on NG. I know it's work, but if you made actual levels instead of just a square to fight.. A story line (even a bad one).. I think you see what I'm getting at, more RPG elements(towns, a map, shops, more items blah blah blah), this could have been a great game. Instead it's a great execution of a tired old flash game.

andvari3d responds:

We wanted to see if people liked the gameplay. We are planning to make a sequel with exploration and RPG elements.

System would be great in a game with actual levels

The graphics are really good and controls are fine but it is really boring wandering around a small arena shooting at swarms of monsters. If this had a world to explore then I think you would really have something.


Wow, this can be really good Ds game but not a flash game... I say 5!

ok ...

yeah its ok but the controls suck

Good game play, but...

you did a great job on the game. the only thing i would suggest and this is the reason for 5/10 is that you need to include a walkthrough or some sort of instruction on hopw to kill each of the bosses. i spent literally an hour trying to beet lvl 2. it pissed me off and i wont be playing this game again untill this error is fixed. im sorry.

andvari3d responds:

there IS A WALKTROUGHT !, on the bottom part of the scren you can see that the "H" key opens the Game guide.