Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"

Its decent

but that doesnt change the fact that this type of game hasnt been done to death. the graphics are good and so is the sound, but it doesnt live up to my standards.

Not bad

Its good, but there is only two things that really bothers me:
- having to manually collect the soul orbs that lie on the ground.. i must lose 50% of them since i cant get to them in time or doing so would get me killed.
-- Have an upgrade that allow us to collect them ALL as soon as they appear, or increase the range at wich we collect them.

- not having information on weapon performance (numbers); wich mean we dotn know if upgrading something is worth it or not in the long term.

Item drop is low (i didnt play for long.. just got a belt)
takes WAY too long to get into the game when we start it (long logos, intro screen and transitions)

Otherwise the gameplay is fine. Graphics do their job. Works well overall.


It played like a lot of other games, so no points for originality, but it was fun and the story was cool. I feel like the story is really what sets it apart from Bow Master, so maybe deepen that for the sequel (please finish the sequel!).

And it's weird, the main character looks almost exactly like me XD


Kept me entertained but I played on normal, too easy. Hard mode? No replay value.
Rage mode? Didn't use it.
Multi-cross bow and mash left click, insta-win

Not bad

The game controls are easy and quick, the only two thing i would do better are the graphics and add different monsters...