Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"


Great game!, really good controls and fantastic gameplay!!. The ability to jump and use mines add a lot to the genre

Two thumbs up!


really good game cant stop playing thanks


The story teller sounds like he could voice the guy on south park from imagination land.

Oh Yeah

Grest game :D

Epic... Damned... SHIT!!!

I agree with Tamagakure, the battle system was top notch, the enemies were impressively tougher later on, as you are continuously trying to avoid getting hit and live to the boss, if not survive the boss. The upgrade system was pretty nifty, I did notice it, but since the first upgrades were only one hundred souls, it took awhile to get there. Of course, many weapons were obtained in the first three missions.

As for the reason of the title to this review, it's a correctional response to Tamagakure's review title, since you aren't fighting anything near holy. Overall, if there was a sequel to this epic game of survival horror, then I'm pretty sure that, flash-wise, you'd be up there with Resident Evil and Left for Dead. 5/5 and 10/10.