Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"


the same as any other zomibe wasd movement shooter. sorry just tellin it how it is

Best Flash game ever.

You guys did good on this one.I'll have to give this a 5/5 and Fav it. To everyone else, DO NOT use the flamethrower, it eliminates your ability to move, and on the mission u get it in, you will NEED to move. The reason you cant click on souls, is because it would be way to easy to upgrade... The game isn't about just KILL KILL KILL. This game was designed for FUN and it succeeded. If you want KILL KILL KILL... Go play Call of Duty.


It would be easier if you could just move your mouse over the souls to pick them up instead of having to walk over them. If you did this the players could focus more on killing and less on walking around the level picking up souls.


Great game!
Two flaws though: the pickups disappear WAY too fast. This way it's too hard to collect souls. Also, the lasers don't seem to do any damage on bosses.


better as a DS game defently i lie your idea but... yknow you should have helpers and an upgrade menu, were you could spend the souls and buy armor, weps, good minions maybe a soul tower wouldent that be awesome???