Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"


lol it was kinda tough aiming with a laptop, but its a good game nonetheless

Epic... Damned... SHIT!!!

I agree with Tamagakure, the battle system was top notch, the enemies were impressively tougher later on, as you are continuously trying to avoid getting hit and live to the boss, if not survive the boss. The upgrade system was pretty nifty, I did notice it, but since the first upgrades were only one hundred souls, it took awhile to get there. Of course, many weapons were obtained in the first three missions.

As for the reason of the title to this review, it's a correctional response to Tamagakure's review title, since you aren't fighting anything near holy. Overall, if there was a sequel to this epic game of survival horror, then I'm pretty sure that, flash-wise, you'd be up there with Resident Evil and Left for Dead. 5/5 and 10/10.

Oh Yeah

Grest game :D

Oh... Holy... SHIT!

This is basically the bastard child of Gauntlet, Doom, and Dante's Inferno on steroids.

Excellent presentation with the menus and soundtrack compositions, and the overall oppressive sense of the game. The weapon variety is somewhat small in comparison to some games, but the ability to mix and match a weapon to each hand more than recovers this.

The enemies are well-made and diverse enough to avoid confusion (At least, where confusion isn't intended), and are unique enough in abilities to keep the player's attention. As the levels progress, they are presented in such a way that forces the player onto their toes just to keep up. (This can be good or bad depending on the player. I love it personally.)

My only real concern was with the upgrade system, as I didn't even notice it until the fifth level. That was mainly because it wasn't presented as clearly as the equipment area, but its design does fit into the tome's artwork beautifully.

I love it, and do hope to see more of the kind in the future if possible. Great work! (And by the way, nice one with the burning souls. killed me three times before I spotted them.)


great game