Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"

great game just 3 things

can the souls be easier to grab and stay longer and can the weapons upgrades do more than just increase damage?

Nice 3rd person shooter

It has a bit more strategy involved than your typical 3rd person shooter. I like that. Needs either a greater variety of weapons, and/or make it so that different weapons have different damage types, and certain enemies are only affected by certain damage types. Example, werewolves only affected by the silver bullets, vampire bats affected mainly by crossbow bolts or fire....at least for boss creatures. That might make the main game too difficult.


lol u can blow those red boys with your candle bombs. meow.

Good game play, but...

you did a great job on the game. the only thing i would suggest and this is the reason for 5/10 is that you need to include a walkthrough or some sort of instruction on hopw to kill each of the bosses. i spent literally an hour trying to beet lvl 2. it pissed me off and i wont be playing this game again untill this error is fixed. im sorry.

andvari3d responds:

there IS A WALKTROUGHT !, on the bottom part of the scren you can see that the "H" key opens the Game guide.

Great game!

A little on the difficult side even on easy, still really great, very dante's inferno.