Reviews for "Mothapuffin"

A lot of hard work

Was put into this. Funny and good!

Good quality

I don't like the music, but the animation itself was quite good.

Not bad at all

The start is a bit to lame / slow-paced for my taste, but when the song itself starts I kinda like it.

The singin' is ok, the main idea of the song (thus, of the vid) is original and also weird - and that's nothing bad! The arts could use some work, too, but they are not terrible at all. I guess it's your style, and that's nothing to discuss about.

I would straighten the first 20-30 seconds of this vid, 'cause too many users have too less patience and click away from your flash.
And that would be sad, 'cause all in all this is a nice and funny music video, worth a watch!

good puffin stuff

pretty funny, catchy song. Better than most mainstream rap out today to.

I still can't get enough...

...of the puffin!