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Reviews for "Eddie's Lament"

You know...

Normally one does not play these escape the room type of games, but when I heard the 'rhyme' without the time, I knew then this was different, with my findings I clicked and play, but of course, what was different about this game, was the lack of horror that was to be tame, this too was for my liking, for as I clicked the play button and did my sighting...

Walkthrough - Kinda

I found it interesting that this was made the assumption that the player hasn't any knowledge of zombies.

Zed games get an automatic 10 then I drop the score depending on the content.
(-1) for voice. Irked the bloody hell out of me.
(-1) for length (lack thereof).

If you get sick of the narration - and trust me you will, simply click on the screen after reading the text (refer to djfug's post)

Important things to click on:

-Acquire memory stick
-Acquire paper clip and cough drop
-Click on reflection with cough drop
-Click on cabinet lock with paper clip
-Acquire crowbar and penguin
(Thatperson364: that looks like an image of an empty hallway)
-Acuire car keys
-Click on window with crowbar
-Click on raven with penguin
-Acuire shotty
-Click on fusebox with memory stick
-Acquire headshot knowledge
-Kill Lenore
-Click on SUV with car keys

Good Game

It does get boring when you get stuck, but thats a re-occuring problem in all games of this fashion.

I would recommend blurring out that license plate though, if these are real pictures, you've told someone where to find you!

not bad

I personally hate zombie movies. I think that the rise in popularity is cheap writing, requiring a bunch of extras in destroyed clothing and makeup. Also, I've had more than enough bad dreams about zombies, that it ruined the genre. Shawn of the Dead is the exception. This game is a lot more fun than most zombie games, because it uses a point and click escape means of play. I'm tired of this so I voted 2 - nothing too new or interesting, but I'm giving you a seven, because you at least took a couple of otherwise tired genres and put them together nicely with real life photos, rather than bad drawings, or something similar. Also, it wasn't just a shooting game, like every other zombie game out there.

The take on the Raven was interesting, and using the meter and style of it was cute. Poe is a generally fun author, and I'm glad that you could put some elements of his most famous poem into this game. Good literature in games isn't always great, but if done well, it leaves a satisfying impression. All in all, a good effort, and I would love to see more like this where you aren't just clicking around, and you don't need a walkthrough to win, and it takes you on an adventure, rather than just having you escape a room or something.

wow, this game is unique

i like it, the poetry, the style of the game, the interface is easy.
can't wait for the 2nd one :)