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Reviews for "Eddie's Lament"

I like this game in front of me

but I cant give a nine you see
this ryme drives me uttery mad
I have to say that ive been had
make more games you amazing man
I have to say I am your fan
these rymes are quite easy to make
in fact as easy as making cake

great game keep it up


I love zombies so so much but this game was ok...it could be better and longer but blah it was pretty good

okay, here's the thing.

it's a point and click game so i could play it on my wii. but you cancelled robot wants series. i don't blame you for that because how could you sequel it anymore. but i can't even start it on my wii so i couldn't play it. flash 9 max.. but since it's you, i'll assume it's a 7.

To short. D:

It iz shortz! D: D: D: D:


This game was kind of so-so, considering the fact that I didn't need a walkthrough, and it was very short. (Trust me, I usually NEED walkthroughs!) It would be better if there was at least a more complex storyline, too. Despite all these facts, I rate it a 7.