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Reviews for "Eddie's Lament"

Quite funny. A lot like the classic Edgar Allan Poe poems (haha, POE POEMS! get it?)
What a smooth voice.

Liked this game.I don't know but...i loved Eddie's voice because it's so calm

I don't know why this game has been voted down so much. Fundamentally, it's not a bad little Point 'n Click. In my opinion, the biggest negatives are the relatively short gameplay and the particularly over-the-top poetry recitations. I was really hoping that the latter would improve after using the cough drop, but...no such luck.

The game itself obviously isn't meant to be an intensely scary horror fest of zombie apocalyptic proportions. What I do like is how the game doesn't take itself too seriously, and in fact leans more towards overt silliness than anything else. The rhymes are somewhat kitschy, but since everything needed to more or less conform to the rhyming scheme of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven," I think you did a pretty good job overall.

In conclusion, I personally believe that this game deserves much better than its paltry one-star rating. I find it really hard to believe that it's been voted down so mercilessly just because of the not-so-pleasant gravelly voice reading the lines of poetic verse. Well, maybe people just don't care for poetry anymore, and maybe the game idea is just too radically different from what people expect and/or want. Or maybe you were just another victim of zero bombers. Either way, I maintain that this game deserves a hell of a lot better that what it's gotten from the voting populace.

Why on earth is this rated so low? It's a funny an witty parody on a great poem. Pity, newgroundians seem to moronic for that.

Wow, this was unexpected. I was familiar with the author's infinitely more famous "Robot Wants" series, but I had never heard of this. I was startled to see it only having a one-star rating, and it is beyond me why it is rated so low. It DOES NOT DESERVE such a low rating.

What we have here is a fairly simple point and click puzzler with a very clever writing style, if not premise. It's somewhat based on the classic bit of poetry, "The Raven", and shares the tendency to end every rhyme with an "-ore" word. It's really very clever - kinda like those Pride and Prejudice and Zombies books. The voice acting was quite good, but it did make me clear my throat a lot out of sympathy pains. Drink lots of lemon tea if you want to save those poor vocal cords.

The difficulty is just right; it doesn't take a long time to figure everything out, and even though you can lose, it doesn't actually impede your progress. It can be annoying to mis-click the item constantly and listen to the same message over and over, so that's my one complaint. It's very clever, and mildly creepy, mainly from the audio. Very nicely done.