Reviews for "-Scene Of The Crime-"


Your visual art's pretty good, but your work has no content. I can see you were going for the whole shocking humour thing coupled with the failure of the cops to notice plainly perceptible things, but it really didn't work. Couple up with a skilled writer and you might produce something good.

BrandonCanDraw responds:

As I mentioned in the author comments, this started off as a simple lip syncing test and I decided to expand it and turn it into this short scene. It really wasn't planned to become this, so I sort of winged what happened. As for the humor, I'm sorry it didn't work for you. I'll work on more scripted stuff for my next projects.


The voice acting and backgrounds need some work, but the plot and characters are good.


it was okay. Not too bad but i mean the main thing that made it so boring for me was the voice acting. Sorry but it was really poorly done, i mean i know that they are both suppose to be very "bored" characters but thats not a good choice. There was no emotion involved, making me as bored as the characters on screen.

It seemed like whoever was voicing it didnt even care about the job he was doing.

Plus there wasnt too much animation or atleast not much COMPLEX animation.

Decent but not nothing special

epic fail

sad, just really sad