Reviews for "-Scene Of The Crime-"

Not bad...

Nice job on your first completed flash! In future animations though, try to make the situation seem more realistic; I felt that the people were responding to each too slowly for my liking.

epic fail

sad, just really sad

Nice First Effort

What is it today with a few GOOD first efforts coming into the portal? Is there something in the water? Good artistic style and lip synching. Some of the movement, what movement there was, could stand to be a bit more fluid. And of course working on animation skills so instead of a 2-D panel, the characters can interact with the environment and each other through more than words. Otherwise, the scripting was good if not great. I also found it worth a chuckle or two. Really good first effort. And as I said in my previous review, I'm giving an extra point because you actually put time and effort into building your skills before submitting, instead of submitting test upon test upon test that aren't worthy of being a portal submission.


Your visual art's pretty good, but your work has no content. I can see you were going for the whole shocking humour thing coupled with the failure of the cops to notice plainly perceptible things, but it really didn't work. Couple up with a skilled writer and you might produce something good.

BrandonCanDraw responds:

As I mentioned in the author comments, this started off as a simple lip syncing test and I decided to expand it and turn it into this short scene. It really wasn't planned to become this, so I sort of winged what happened. As for the humor, I'm sorry it didn't work for you. I'll work on more scripted stuff for my next projects.