Reviews for "-Scene Of The Crime-"


Oh t'was funny tough, know what? Subtitles man, subtiteles ¬¬....

BrandonCanDraw responds:

I thought about it at one point. Didn't think it was completely necessary. I can add them later though if I want.

animation: solid. writing: not really...

Your animation skills are pretty good. The quality's pretty clear and crisp, and it's not choppy. But I think the writing for this flash is pretty weak, and that's fine if that's not what you're focusing on - but this wasn't very funny. It's not an original joke, and it wasn't all that effective. If you worked on the dialogue more, I'm sure this would have been a better flash.


Nice, pretty accurate to, cops suck at their job the older they get. Funny stuff man I liked the style nice short keep it up.

BrandonCanDraw responds:

Finally, someone who gets it!

Could be better

I think it could work as a spoof of crime drama cliche's, but the voice acting isn't all that good. I like that the actors were at least subtle in there performances whereas the actors of most so-called "parodies" think that to be funny you have to be as loud and/or stupid as possible, but these guys were just a bit too subtle, and by that I mean it sounds like they really don't give a shit about what they're doing. :/
Also, the joke at the end was very much like a bad sitcom--too fucking predictable.


it was okay. Not too bad but i mean the main thing that made it so boring for me was the voice acting. Sorry but it was really poorly done, i mean i know that they are both suppose to be very "bored" characters but thats not a good choice. There was no emotion involved, making me as bored as the characters on screen.

It seemed like whoever was voicing it didnt even care about the job he was doing.

Plus there wasnt too much animation or atleast not much COMPLEX animation.

Decent but not nothing special