Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"

True genious

If you'd please make one of these for every artistic era and you could also add some sculpture. That would really be a hit.

mrty responds:

I'm thinking of sequels, yes.

I originally thought of adding sculptures, too, but it wasn't long until I realized that they weren't really "riddle material". Thought they'd be too easy.

Thanks for the review.


I like how you combined the riddles with the paintings, but some of the riddles are a little ambiguous. "The Fountain of Youth", "a pair of lovers share a look" ... there's many people sharing looks in that painting. How is the player supposed to know which exact ones you mean unless they trial-n-error their way through? Some of the riddles were very good. You had a wonderful selection of paintings and the music fit well. It's a great concept that I'd like to see explored more. Two thumbs up!

mrty responds:

Thanks for the review. As for the difficulty issue, that has been bothering me too, but I never really realized how much of a problem it was. I'll look into it soon.

What The F**K?

Very close to the fountain? You have any idea how retarded that is? There's several couples, I clicked them all and I'm STILL getting it wrong. Looks like you got a damn bug there.

You people really need to stop rushing when you make these otherwise this bulls**t happens.

mrty responds:

Oh hi. I really enjoyed the enraged comment you left on my post. I suggest you check the response.

About the fountain issue, I meant "the pool the fountain is in". My bad for not making that obvious.

nice game

It's a nice and cultural game, I enjoyed looking for particulars in the pictures but I don't understand what's the difference between the experienced and the master mode because you can send a higher score in the experienced difficulty...

mrty responds:

Thanks, I'll look into the difficulty problem and find a permanent solution. I already have some ideas.