Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"


Really good riddle point n' click game, and the unlockable Gallery was pretty neat, too.

By the way, is that the Angry Video Game Nerd on the "ADDICTED" medal?

mrty responds:

Yes, that's AVGN himself.


WHY DID THE EGG CROSS THE ROAD - On riddle 16 click on the egg between the two guys laying down.

POPE - Get a score of 270 or more.

PUNTEGGIO PERFETTO - Playing on Greenhorn, solve all of the riddles without an error.

THOSE ARE FOR CODARDI - Complete the game without the use of any hints, pretty straight forward.

ART HISTORIAN - To get this you must solve the optional riddle of 11 (It is the SMALL dog beside the guy that is hanging upside down's left forearm) and the optional riddle of level 21 (He is the guy in the bottom of the doorway in the far right), you must beat the game AND get a pope ranking. If you don't unlock this try saving the game and entering the gallery again, their is 58 paintings.

ENIGMA SHOW - You must get a pope ranking on master difficulty in less than 60 seconds. After you beat it a couple times you'll remember where each one is so don't give up. I played it on greenhorn to get the other medals and got this one last, by then I knew the exact location of each.

ADDICTED - Beat the game four times.

Their is also three secret achievements:

THAT'S A START - Solve your first riddle.

THIS IS INTERESTING - Don't skip the credits.

IT'S ART, NOT PORN - Click on the chick's tits in the third riddle

mrty responds:

I would have appreciated if you talked about the game itself a little bit, but thanks.


Fun somehow...


The game itself was fun, but reading about the facts of the paintings and what they were about was the best part. The music gives you a calming sense as well. I loved it and will probably play this game many more times.


A lot of fun, some of the riddles were a little tough if you didn't know the history surrounding the paintings. I'd love to see a sequel!