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Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"

This game is pretty fun.

2/3s of normal maps done with 4 basic guns and I thought "okay, 9/10 for lack of rocket launcher" then I found it :D
Okay... fun maps and quite a few of them. For this, I like this game alot.
Guns are always a plus.
Entertaining AI, seeing them shoot the wrong way here and there makes me chuckle, and thankfully they're not completely ass intellegent.
Oh yeah, it looks pretty damn nice.

Possible improvements have been stated: ability to choose colour and speed of zone capturing was a little fast.
All in all I really enjoyed playing.
5/5 10/10


Very well done game !!! i mean holy crap i got all pumped up by the beats and the fast paced gameplay was enough to satisfy me. 10/10 loved it oh and i actually laughed when it got to the "Please stop" "I quit" "..." points haha


i just love gunning down hordes of soliders in the morning.

Like a new breed of Halo

This is sick, awsome!


The best place top snag trophies