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Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"

waste of time

PROS:It has good music.

CONS:It wasn't as good as I expected it to be,its constantly lagging,not an original ideas been better,it was many times bigger and more complex than RAZE,UNREAL FLASH,and SMILEYS WAR......but....those games were infinitely better than this piece of crap you have submitted...I don't care if it took "1000 hours" to complete,it was just bad...really bad.....It would have been better if it were simpler and if it was smaller so it won't crash.....Only played it for about 5 minutes and I found it difficult to continue because of all the lags,and crashes.... Those peopel who didn't have a problem with this must have some kind of supercomputer...

This comment of mine might be deleted soon because of all the people who like this,so READ THIS WHILE YOU STILL CAN.....

Louissi responds:

Sorry if your computer suck.

Might be good

Would probobly be alot more fun if it actually worked well enough to play. The game froze up on me constantly and for long periods of time, even when I turned the quality to low, the ragdolls off and the music off.


I like it but the rag doll death failed and no blood but cool though ^_^

this game would be decent

if it wasn't a blatant rip off of RAZE. yes, i know you say this is "inspired by" it, but there is a fine line between inspiration and ripping off, and i think it's clear that the line was crossed big time in this case. not only are there so many similarities that i can't even count them, but you didn't even bother to give some of the levels original names. you can do something in the same genre without having to essentially remake someone else's work with silly voices added on. you obviously have made games before and can handle coming up with your own ideas, next time try getting noticed with something that doesn't belong to other artists.

I hate this game

this game is retarted
If I move, I cant stop moving my person.