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Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"

great music and graphics

The music was the best feature of the game. I prefer on the biggest map if you up'ed the kills to 60, and put 10 people on the map. Right now, the hardest thing keeping you from getting to 20 is the fact the map is so big and it's hard to find opposing NPC's sometimes.

Love the music again! :)


well. music was ok... it didnt seem apropriot for the game though. some of the missions were really laggy even when i had all other windows closed. story could be inproved. ther DEFININATLY should be a difficuly changing option cuz i couldent finish the game with my mouse pad. good artwork. clean maps. needs multyplayer options. more weapons are a must and more player skins.

Contains plenty of detail and work.

However, it's pretty much like the game "Soldat" with less mobility, less weapons, and less features. I can tell Louissi put a lot of work into a decent game though, and that's why I'm voting 7.

Don't like it :(

For me,it is just a bad clone of Raze.

love this game! my first experience of flash shooters came from this, and i love it!