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Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"


LOL loved the halo reference!!

Great :D

As per usual this,With all your other games,is Awesome and Great(great with a capital,Thats really great)
I played the alpha's on your site,And even when it was at the first alpha release you did,I played it for 2 and a half hours without even noticing,So point being,Awesome.

Very goog game

I enjoyed wasting alot of my time playing this game but I am disappointed that there is no multiplayer mode. If you ever make a sequel or even just a prequel make sure it has the multiplayer option. It could amke the game even better. Other than that there is no need for any other improvement's and keep up the good work :)

Great Game, Bad Story

Everything about the game is great except for the plot, I was thinking that the groups would have to band together at the end and fight off the odd alien stuff in the last few levels.

Good clean fun

How much fun can you have with one game? Well, this would be that action game that keeps me coming back for more, be it harsh beatings, when I can seemingly do no right, or the polar opposite, when I'm just untouchable, making all of my opponents bow down before me.

From start to finish, I have found this game brilliant, with the gameplay and the addictive qualities. The differing weapons make a difference to the gameplay as things progress and after that, you've got different armour sets, which are largely aesthetic. If they had something to do with the game, such as they gave you a shield recharge rate that was different, more health, or something similar, I'd appreciate it, though they all seem much of a muchness.

Yes, with the 8 team death match at the end of the game, it does get a little frantic and sometimes I feel that the controls aren't quite as responsive as they could be (walking into walls, pulling the trigger, while pointing the other way, despite me moving the mouse to where I want to shoot, that sort of thing), but I'm still highly impressed.

I'd certainly recommend this game to one and all, as it's a great way for people to enjoy themselves, while spending time here. Now, if you could get multiplayer on this, that would be the next phase...

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