Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"


This game is the perfect example epitome of gaming. Sleek graphics, fun, engaging and varied gameplay styles, excellent music and sound effects.
I suspect I'll probably be playing this for a long time! Awesome game!


Cool game.
Good killing spree names: "Too skilled! ""Please Stop! ""I quit!" XD

Great gameplay

This is what flash games should be like. I also loved the music, fits the game real well.

I love this game!

It's like a side scrolling flash version of Halo 3 multiplayer, you really went above and beyond making a game like this and I think the only and I mean only way this game could possibly be any better then what it already is is to be able to play this online, otherwise the shooting and movement are smooth and I've run into absolutely no glitches while playing this game.


U know, there fit only one word, no poetry, no books can describe more about this game than this word - AWESOME!