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Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"

Nice game, well programmed.

I had a lot of fun playing this. The weapons were varied, the gameplay was fun, and the CPU on hard mode is quite difficult. Also, I like the good variety of medals - still working on Godly Killer. Despite the undeniable fun this game is, the gametypes were a little "narrow", if you now what I mean, and the mission modes didn't really have an involving story. If a sequel IS on the way (and I sincerely hope there is), a few ideas for you -
-Add more gametypes (maybe take ideas from Halo or Call of Duty).
-Make the story mode more... story based.
-Add online play if possible.
-Make the map creation more simple (paths are way too difficult to do all the time)
But, overall, a very fun game with very fun gameplay. Nice job, bro!

This game totally ~~~~

wrecked my life in a good way it is a very awesome game!!!

cool game

nice keep it up its kinda like raze

Armor Mayhem 2 Online ?

Great game *-*

But the next will be online ?

Just a suggestion :3


Very nicely done

This game was just downright fun. The level designs and the weapons all came together beautifully with nothing feeling to over powered. My only concern was the game types. There were only four and the only way to increase difficulty level was to make the game last longer due to the objective limit being so high. I also found the computers to be lacking, many times they ran head first into a rocket or stood around waiting to die. These are small, easily fixed problems that do not distract to badly from the game. I hope to see more from you in the future.
p.s. I loved how you could customize your character, was nice to see MY character running around, though may I suggest color selection next time? I would have been green given the choce.