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Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"

A few questions

Just to know, if it's infinite cristal energy we're talking about, what's the point in fighting ?

Btw, great game.


U know, there fit only one word, no poetry, no books can describe more about this game than this word - AWESOME!


im just saying this but maybe you sould move this to x-box dlt like super meat boy cauze it is awseome1

Nice game, well programmed.

I had a lot of fun playing this. The weapons were varied, the gameplay was fun, and the CPU on hard mode is quite difficult. Also, I like the good variety of medals - still working on Godly Killer. Despite the undeniable fun this game is, the gametypes were a little "narrow", if you now what I mean, and the mission modes didn't really have an involving story. If a sequel IS on the way (and I sincerely hope there is), a few ideas for you -
-Add more gametypes (maybe take ideas from Halo or Call of Duty).
-Make the story mode more... story based.
-Add online play if possible.
-Make the map creation more simple (paths are way too difficult to do all the time)
But, overall, a very fun game with very fun gameplay. Nice job, bro!

This game totally ~~~~

wrecked my life in a good way it is a very awesome game!!!