Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"

4 from 5

from 5 things in this game, only 4 things that i like:
1. The music
2. The Ragdoll
3. The Slow Motion/The Adrenaline
4. The Guns

Good Game!

This game was fun. The first time through i didnt buy anything and really enjoyed it. but when i started again i started to buy the weapons, thats were it kinda got crap for me. overall, GREAT GAME! better then anything i could ever do.


This is a great game.
it would be the best of it was a mmo

i like it but

it has a cool idea, and it has a lot of cool features, and it all feels pretty well done, but the whole characters looking exactly like halo spartans is just sad. everyone does it. i have seen five flash games that were not about halo, that used the same sort of character. really. i have seen it way to much, so i really can't forgive it. sorry.

Great game

I understood you put A LOT of hard work for this game,you took 42 days of your time just to make a game to please our minds,thanks man.This is probably the nuke of all your games.Keep on keepin on man,PEACE!