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Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"

This is the best Flash game in the history... I*m so happy that I finally remembered the name of this game, it has always been my dream to review this game since I created my Newgrounds Account. So. anyways, here are the good and the bad parts of the game:

+ Epic soundtrack
+Interesting gameplay ( many game modes, cool weapons )
+Fantastic design ( characters with different colours, armor. maps )
+Well made medals

-Multiplayer would be awesome ;)
-Quite boring and repetitive after some time.
-Full Version is not on Newgrounds, which is sad, since I prefer playing on NG more because of the medals. I would not like to play the same game 2x through.

Well, that's it. This is my 200th Game Review so I wanted to make it kinda special, since it's an interesting number and this game is one of the reasons why I created my NG Account. Anyways, Louissi, thank you for making such awesome games and stay cool! ;D

^^ Tester ^^

It a nice game but theres a bug....
when it's 100+ it says that i won an achievement for having a thousand of money(srry for my eng)
but then when i got a thousand of money it says that i won an achievement for having 3 thousand bucks(or money)....please fix these

It's 2016, and this game is still fucking awesome. I think that in 2116 it also will be fucking awesome.

I usually am not a fan of this type of games, but jesus, this is top notch, on par with commercial products. What makes games like these great is the replayability factor. Another thing is that you obviously are a fan yourself, because the game has a lot of care put into details, missions and upgrades.

I'm not even surprised that you went pro.

(In a parallel universe) this game is total shit. (In REALITY) Dude, this game rules...

Cool this game:)