Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"

...Space Marines

You know, you had me going there for a moment that this would be original, but you had to go and ruin it with space marines. Oh sure, it's pretty fun and has good art, but I just couldn't play through a game with space marines and get into it. Of course I won't take points off for that, but the insanely long intro and repetitiveness got to me. It was still very good and deserving of the front page, but c'mon! Space marines! Fighting different colored space marines! Over power! How did they get to that planet without fuel or energy? How did they fly for years if there was zilcho power? Why did we only see four ships with four people when there were actually dozens? What would taking over the planet accomplish if they were years away from earth? If you're going to have a large expansive plot line I need closure to this stuff, and although I didn't have the patience to beat the game, it's still a good piece of work, with nice art, and only some minor complains. And frigging space marines.

Louissi responds:

Yes you are right. We ran out of time to develop any interesting story. The goal was to create a fun arcade game. The story is only a filler.

Good game...

Its a good game, easy controls, pretty smooth. The music gets a lil boring but all in all, good ass game!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Louissi responds:

Thank you. You can skip or mute the music if you want.

Reminds me of Reach

a nice multi player and single player waits you in this game it has nice looking graphics , responsive controls and nice tutorials and gameplay in single player and nice time wasting in multi player , in my opinion its a nice game but takes time to get the hang of it so im giving it an 8/10 and a 4/5


Absolutely amazing! If this had an online multiplay option I would play this soo much. Anyway great graphics, great SFX and great gameplay. Loving the AI - it is very well done!

5* and 10* from me :P

Louissi responds:

Thanks :P

Tight Game

Armor Games never Lets Me Down.. Lots Of Fun