Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"

Sounds not at game level

I didn't like the sound quality . Everything else is excelent !

Very well done

Loved the game, about the only thing I could wish was different is if you had a high enough killing streak it would count towards a time reduction for the medals.

loved it

just a tiny problem
i did a triple kill with the ion canon and i think it should count to the double kill award
but the rest is just perfect one the best games i ever played

i really loved it

i really loved the game. the controls, the music, everything. although i believe that it would be a lot better if it had an upgrade system. ex.: upgradeable shield for your character and you A.I. team - mates, upgradeable speed again for you and your team and some more complex upgrades about your income and upgrades about the efficiency of the weapons - different upgrades for each weapon - and some other other cool stuff you'd probably come up with easier than i will. still, the game was a rocker and i really enjoyed the adrenaline thingy - it really came in handy on data retrieval missions - so i'm giving you a 5/5 and a 10/10 for your hard work!!!

Really fun

Its well created, good controls, good A.I. and I loved the music!
It would be cool if the graphics for the characters would be enhanced but really thats not a problem what so ever so 5/5 n' 10/10