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Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"

Reminds me at UT

dont know why, but it remembered me at UT. Just one thing: there are too much weapons dropped. Would be better, when having a weapon is a bit harder


I'll give it a nine for a couple of glitches with the AI, other than that though, I loved everything about it, it was smooth, good looking and fun. I also loved the killstreak names.
Nice, Awesome, Magical, Godlike, 1337, Aaargh, Too skilled, Please stop, I quit, ...

Overall, great concept, well executed with great graphics and AI, have a nice day, sir.

Good game

Though most of the guns were kinda slow, this game reminds me of another games I like, and it is actually pretty well done.
It deserves these stars.
I will keep on playing :)


Ok, the voicing was plain awesome, first off. (YOU ARE LEET!!!!) Music was really well chosen, and above all, AI is VERY well developed.

Though it falls short of Chaos Faction 2, this is still amogst the best Flash fighting games i've played.

Oh, and the Spartan armor was the coolest part of the whole thing. ;)

almost awesome

i'm gunna ignor the fact the having infinite energy makes sense and that it would be worth alot (if it's infinite logicaly sharing wouldn't shorten it because it's infinite), the only thing that ruined it for me is the extremely slow speed inwhich the gun moves, so when i jump over someones head i can't get them a dozen times cause the gun has moved 1 fifth of the amount i wanted