Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"


Just like I was, in the game, it was god-like. BEST GAME EVER 10/10 and 5/5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game canĀ“t be more epic

I really liked this game, really fun and adicting. I still dont know how to kill 5 holding a flag :(

I sense Halo...

Do I? Anyway, it is an amazing game, and I hope I can see a sequel.

Totally Awesome Game :D

Man you can tell this game really was done well by all the details, reminded me unreal flash flash except without the lag and a greater story. Battles and customizables armor are pretty sick, just wish you could customize colors too. Overall was a pretty cool game with an awesome sound track, favorite part was how the narrator gave up on describing my kills when I was on a 26 kill rampage lol
Great job man.

1000 Hours?!

Damn dude, 1000 hours is a lot of...hours. And i'll tell you what, when playing this game you can tell a lot of work/love was put into it. The audio is excellent, the visuals are amazing, and it felt like the gameplay was created by a God. Great game! Im amazed that I don't have to pay to play this, and i'm also very happy :3

Louissi responds:

Yes indeed it was a lot of work and love and hate. But hey, its great to know it shows. Thanks for the review.