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Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"

truly amazing

you know, most of the games in here makes me yawn and sleepy, but this one, this one is the best game this site have so far

Not a perfect game but a very good one

This game is really complete as a game. Map editor, a lot of levels, medals, good gameplay. I really have to give this game 10. It reminds me of liero quite a lot (although not as fun). This game isn't without its flaws though. I must admit I got bored while playing the missions but I still must congratulate you on one of the better games on the site.


This game is the perfect example epitome of gaming. Sleek graphics, fun, engaging and varied gameplay styles, excellent music and sound effects.
I suspect I'll probably be playing this for a long time! Awesome game!


Enjoyed this game a lot, here's some things I wish were different though:

AI is too bad at capture the flag, player should at least be able to hit people with the flag to make up for having to get it over and over (20 times was too many on the last CTF mission imo).
The red terrain was a bit over the top.
Being able to chose color would be nice.
Plasma rifle type thing was the only weapon I enjoyed using. Shotgun was ok, rocket launcher and ion cannon were fun to use but annoying when the AI had them.
Grenades would be cool.
Capturing zones was very fast, maybe have it go to neutral then go to captured.

An awesome game.

But I have one problem with it. If the energy is infinite why are they fighting for it?