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Reviews for "Armor Mayhem"

Rocks a lot. :P

Man, this game rocks a lot. I passed all the missions cuz' its really fun. :P I will try to get all the medals, I need more 4. xD

that was insane

by far the best flash game ive played easy-to-get-in-too and addictive i beat it and still i want more that was awesome dude just awesome my fav was when i got the max kill and the announcer stops "aaaahhhh" and then "i quit" and finally "..." that was hilarious great job just great


this game is epic


When I first saw this I thought: "'wow', another 'walking around and shooting aliens and robots game'!", but then, I realised there was Slo-Mo. That did it for me.

5/5 and 10/10 just for the Slo-Mo.

Just awesome

The game is just amazing. The music match so well in the game. I don't know for other people but I didn't see any lag at all. Mission are not to easy, not to hard, there just perfect like that. I play RAZE but I prefer that one. There nothing to change on this game. Sure you can put multiplayer but I give 10/10.

...Just Epic...